Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is Rather Pathetic

So, no post because I've been busy.  It's a busyness of the self-inflicted kind.  And I haven't thought of much to write.  Actually, that's not true... I've thought of some things but I haven't taken the time to expound.

I had to tell Janell Wright I couldn't hang out with her tonight because I'm getting sick.  I had my first migraine on Thursday (due to some Wednesday events, I think), travelled to Florida that evening, spent a rather stressful long weekend with relatives, went to a beautiful wedding and reception for Emily and Perry, and then back to a busy week at work. (Wow, I just wrote 'school' instead of 'work.' Ironic.)

I'm watching "Ice Age 2" and I think a baby mammoth is pretty much the cutest animated thing I've ever seen.

I'm looking forward to my new project-- getting some of my friends who've been through a one or a couple crazy years to write about this time of transition.  We're twentysomethings; we're privileged, educated, intelligent, and motivated but hard to please. I want us all to look at where we are at this moment, in this in-betweeny stage, and take stock. We spend so much time reflecting on the past and learning from our experiences, which is good-- don't get me wrong.  But I want to do more than look behind, and I want to do more than look ahead at what's next.  That's probably even more tempting: to always be dwelling on the future and never appreciating the Now.

CS Lewis said that's where eternity meets us-- in the present.  We are impotent to change the past and we are wasting what Time we have by anticipating what's next. So, I want us all to look at our Now. Where are we, and why?  What are we headed towards and are we doing what we need to do to get there?

I feel like I'm in a pathetic state at the moment only because I'm sick, overtired, and haven't been able to work out since Sunday. My last free night was May 2 and I won't have another until June 7, most likely. I'm not doing a good job of balancing my life, but I just hate being bored. And life is crazy and things have happened and are happening which stress me out.

But... I'm excited for this project.  I'm excited to see what everyone has to say.

If I haven't talked to you about it yet (I'm trying to talk to everybody individually) and you'd be willing to write me something, please let me know.