Friday, December 12, 2008

I am sorry, but I have a good excuse.

So oftentimes, when I go on a fun trip or have a lot going on at once, I don't get a chance to journal. The night after said period, I have so much to write and think and pray about that my arm gets tired and I quit temporarily. Hopefully that won't happen now, as I try to update this neglected blog.

Life is crazy. This is a theme being enforced every day. I went to NYC on December 3 for some meetings. I cleaned out my desk before I left, having heard the rumors of the impending layoff. My mom and I had a splendid time with my cousin Brendan, his new bride Liz nee Persing, Liz's parents, and their friends Maddie, Joel, and Rachael. We ate dinner, drank wine and got all rosy, and chatted about everything, including SNL skits and Haitians.

The next morning I woke up to a voicemail from my ex-manager saying the typical, "company is moving in another direction and the changes directly affect you so please come to my office at 8am on Monday." Great way to start a big day of meetings.

At 11:30am, I met with a high ranking official in IMG, a sports/entertainment group. It went well enough; he didn't have any jobs available but said he'd let me know if he did hear of anything.

At 2pm, I met with the president of CBS Sports and CBS News (who also happens to be an ex-boyfriend of my mother). Sidenote: I got these meetings because my parents have an influential friend. Again that went well; I would say better than the IMG meeting because he knew Mom and they chatted for 30 minutes about their old friends, not having seen one another in 32 years.

At 5pm, I met with two senior vice presidents at ESPN. This meeting was fantastic. They brainstormed about who they could arrange for me to meet with at ESPN Americas, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN The Magazine. We talked for an hour and 15 minutes about Plaxico Burress, the new Yankees Stadium, the 08 Final Four, and of course what I want to do with my life.

The next day, Mom, Liz, and I had fun in Times Square, 30 Rock, Anthropologie, and at "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway, and we left on Saturday afternoonish.

So, everybody has been asking me, "What now? What are you going to do with yourself?" Henceforth, I may simply direct them to this blog to avoid having to verbally admit the fact that I haven't the faintest. I don't know what kind of job to look for; I don't know where to look for a job; I don't know how long it will take or with what I should busy myself in the meantime.

I'm off to Costa Rica on Tuesday through Sunday. I am looking forward to it tremendously, and when I get back, I will only have a few days until Christmas. After Christmas, I will begin my job search in earnest.

Right now I wish I were in a relationship. I would have more clarity about where I wanted to live... but on the other hand, I'd be more restricted. (Maybe not: I still hesitate to leave my family, surprisingly.) I would have somebody to physically go through this with, to support me spiritually, and to offer advice and input. Maybe if we were far enough along in our relationship, we could get married. It's cheaper for two people to live together and share finances than for one to live alone. Also, I wouldn't have to move home with my parents.

Not that that's the end of the world. Jean, Ellen, and I are all about to start living with the rents again. I am not alone in this situation. I can't count on being able to afford rent, plus I can't commit to a lease. So living at home is ideal, except for the fact that I have furniture and STUFF that will have a hard time fitting back into that house.

This is the most boring post I've written in a long time, and for that, I apologize. So, to compensate, I've added some photos. These are not exclusive; I have uploaded them to facebook, but it will spice up this post.