Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Yesterday

Doesn't that title sound like an emo 90s rock song?

Anyway, my Monday was very uninteresting compared to my weekend -- I went to the State Fair on Sunday after my DC trip, which was complete with visits to Adams Morgan & the Smithsonian, two must-sees which should always go hand-in-hand -- but a monumental event occurred.

I left work at 4pm because I started feeling shitty. As I took a left onto the street unto which my apartment complex abuts, I was waved to a stop -- in the middle of my lane -- by a cop whose car (and that of his partner) was parked in the median. What?! I'm obviously still going slow enough that he could walk in front of me and get me to stop. He asks if I know the speed limit; I said 35 (I had been going MAYBE 33 at that point), and he asks for my license. He said it's a school zone and the flashing lights earlier on the street should have informed me the limit was 25. (Again-- MAYBE 33.) He then proceeded to direct me to make a u-turn, go back to the traffic light, make another u-turn, and tell him if I see any flashing lights this time.

Talk about a power trip. As I drove along my prescribed route of punishment, I wondered if it were a trick. Maybe he was going to get me for driving without a license since he was running mine through the system at that moment.

Nothing came up on my license of course, and he gave me a warning. I was going home because I was sick and had barely been driving up to the limit anyway.

Funny how I can speed around DC or Chapel Hill for the last seven years going 10-12 mph over the limit and never get caught, but then I slowly trudge home from work when I'm feeling sickly and I get waved down by a power tripping cop ON FOOT. Wtf.

So I came home and went to sleep at 6pm. I woke up to wash my face at 11:30, but besides that, I slept soundly til 6am.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Odds of Peanut Butter M&Ms

Yesterday, something phenomenal happened.

Nina and I go to CVS every day almost to have a short 15 minute break from CP craziness. On this most recent trip, I bought a small pack of peanut butter M&Ms. (You know, the ones in the red/orange bag.) I ate them at my computer, and when I neared the end, I poured the remaining candies into my hand. Lo and behold-- there were six M&Ms left-- one of each color.

Now, if you are good at math, please correct me here if I am wrong. I believe the odds of that happening are 1 in 720.

Some may call this luck. Some may call it chance. Some may call it happenstance. Some may call it destiny (to what point, I ask?). I choose "luck," because I don't consider myself lucky and I don't believe in luck. So why not call it that? I don't win anything in random drawings, but maybe that's because I always win in competitions. (Just kidding; I wish!) Two point five years ago I won 2 tickets to see Live8 in London. (Concert tickets, not plane + concert tickets-- I was already there.)

1 in 720 is not impossible (obviously), and is better than a lot of lottery odds. But I just thought it was kinda cool. One red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue, and one brown. It was a very aesthetically, mathematically, and taste-ily satisfying event.